Monochrome Dream Eater (夢喰い白黒バク) is a song sung by Len Kagamine, composed by Nem.


A little girl can't sleep at night because her nightmares are keeping her awake. A dream eater comes in to "help" her, and offers a few conditions. He first asks her if she is not sleeping soundly and says to her that he can "eat" her nightmares away, if she pinky swears. When she agrees, her nightmares are eaten, and she can now go to sleep peacefully.

Some time later, the girl asks the dream eater to now give  her some dreams. The dream eater says he would do anything she wishes of him, because he enjoys his job. He indulges her in sweet and "exquisite naughty" dreams.

The little girl now starts to depend on the dream eater more and more, indulging in her dreams, and having him eat her nightmares away. However, when the moon is full, the dream eater takes his leave, leaving the little's girls eyes to now become a dull gray color because he took all of her dreams. The dream eater walks away "welcoming" the little girl into the "monochrome" world, when she realizes her loss too late.


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